Exotic islands in our world. You can enjoy your vacation in here. This is like heaven in the world. Beautiful place, exotic islands, nice people, interested cultures, amazing world.


Exotic islands in our world. You can enjoy your vacation in here. This is like heaven in the world. Beautiful place, exotic islands, nice people, interested cultures, amazing world.

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Imagine a peaceful place, surrounded by verdant atmosphere. Sound of nature the rustle of the wind amidst the bamboo leaves, the chirping of the birds, the faint rush of the river. Baduy village, located in the hills of Kendeng mountain, about 75 kilometers southward from Rangkasbitung, West Java, is the perfect place to people who want to taste a bit of serenity seldom found in big cities. Those with a taste of adventure might find trekking to Baduy village both interesting and stimulating.

Getting There

  1. Rent a car. The car will stop at Ciboleger Village.
  2. From Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, take a train to Merak via Rangkasbitung. It will take about 1.5 hours. From Rangkasbitung, use a public transportation (called ELF by locals) to Ciboleger. The trip will take approximately 2.5 hours. The sight of The Farmer?s Family statues in Ciboleger will greet you, bidding you welcome. Follow the footpaths?on foot, enjoy the natural landscape around you. You'll then pass through Gajeboh Village. Here you can see Baduy women weaving clothes. Proceed by crossing Ciujung River, the widest river in Baduy area. The sight of the bridge made of bamboos tied to one another (no nails are involved!) might deter you from moving onward, but no need to fear! The bridge is strong despite of its crudeness. You'll then enter Cicakal Village. Here you can rest and spend the night. The journey on foot from Ciboleger to Cicakal will take about 2 hours.
  3. Alternatively, to enter Inner Baduy Village, you can use Koranji line then pass through Kroya Market. Every week, Baduy people visit this market to exchange their farming goods with whatever they need. From this place they'll move on to Cikapol Village.

Where to Stay

You can stay at traditional homes in Baduy, in Cicakal Village. The houses are built of woven bamboos with ijuk leaves. These houses might last for up to 25 years (in one condition: the roof should be changed once per 5 years). Baduy people don't believe in technology, so don't expect electrical goods here.

Moving Around

You'll be able to explore the lush forest and natural sceneries (for Baduy people never disrupt the nature). You?re welcome to take pictures as long as you haven't entered Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) area. People in Outer Baduy are more tolerant with signs of technology.

Dining Guide

There are no restaurants in Baduy, so please bring your own food. Sometimes you can ask the locals to share their meals with you.

Souvenir Tips

Traditional cloths (mostly blue) woven by Baduy women.

Other Things to See or Do

Traditional Baduy homes, Baduy women weaving cloth, Baduy people's activities (it's surprising to know that there are so many things to do without electricity!). Take pictures if you must in Outer Baduy Village, but never in Inner Baduy.

Travel Tips

  • Make sure that you're fit and strong for this journey. Two-hours walk doesn't seem to be that difficult, but bear in mind that you'll be passing through rugged terrain and a river.
  • Dress accordingly. Use clothes that will make it easier for you to move, preferably cotton. Bring spare clothes and towels. Use sneakers for comfort.
  • Bring your own snacks/food/drink, also medicines.
  • Bring a torchlight to move around at night. Baduy people use damar (oil lamp) which might not be convenient enough for you to use.
  • Bring an umbrella or a raincoat, in case of rain.
  • To make the journey easier and more enjoyable, you can try to use travel agents featuring Baduy. For instance, you can contact Trekmate, Mapala UI, Caldera, and other travel agents.
  • Respect the locals and their customs. For instance, never ever take whatever that does not belong to you in Inner Baduy. Ask your guide or locals for more information regarding what should and should not be done in this area.
  • Bring spare battery for your cellphone (if you must bring it) and camera.(Visit Indonesia)
Monday, July 20, 2009
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