Exotic islands in our world. You can enjoy your vacation in here. This is like heaven in the world. Beautiful place, exotic islands, nice people, interested cultures, amazing world.


Exotic islands in our world. You can enjoy your vacation in here. This is like heaven in the world. Beautiful place, exotic islands, nice people, interested cultures, amazing world.

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Central Sulawesi

Situated on the heart of Indonesia archipelago this province offers ancient megaliths, indiginous tribes, the mossy mountains, the sleepy blue lakes, the untouchable longest river from white water rafting, fantastic snorkeling, diving on coral reef, unpopulated small islands surrounded by endless white sandy beaches and na¬tural voice in National reserves.

Rich in flora and fauna the most expensive Ebony wood, Teakwood, Rattan, Banyan trees, Black Orchids. The shy Babirusa, Anoa (Dwarf Buffalo), Deer and various species of birds including the rare Maleo birds (Macrocephalon maleo), Black Monkey Sulawesi (Maccaca maura), Tangkasi (the smallest species of monkies) are waiting for the visitors who like adventures (trekking, rafting, birding). Central Sulawesi with the capital city, Palu consists of diverse ethnic groups which have retained their traditions and customs, living in peaceful harmony with each other and welcome visitors hospitality and friendliness. Don’t leave Central Sulawesi before seeing the Wreck WW II bomber artifact. It can be reached just 45 minutes from Kadidiri or Tanjung Kramat dive resort. Luxurious and exclusive tourism facilities as well as diving equipment are available.

Tourist Office:

Jl. Dewi Sartika No.91, Palu 94114
Phone. (0451) 483942 Fax. (0451) 483941

Getting there:

Many domestic airlines fly directly from Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar and Balikpapan.
Central Sulawesi can be reached by bus from Toraja, South Sulawesi for 14 hours and 18 hours by bus from Bunaken North Sulawesi.

Places of Interest


Pendolo is a small town in the southern tip of the lake and it is a transit place for visitors from Toraja South Sulawesi before they exploring and travelling Central Sulawesi (the Megalithical Bada, Besoa and Napu Valley or ghost grinding stone) or proceed to Bunaken Island, Manado North Sulawesi.

Lairiang River.

Lairiang River. Lairiang is the longest river in Sulawesi Island running down from Napu, Besoa, Bada and Gimpu valleys ending into Makassar straits in the west. Napu, Sobek (white water rafting team) form America discovered Lariang River is one of the best rivers for rafting. It has the score IVV grade. Most of these trekkers take this area for their trekking and rafting as well. The rumbling of Lairiang river could be heard from a remote distance, nothing you can see except the huge bluish tropical rain forest as far as your eyes can see.

Togean Islands

Togean Islands. A community - based ecotourism as well as in conserving the biodiversity. A bewildering array of tropical rain forest covered six islands formed by volcanic activity. Situated in the vicinity of equator. This enchanting archipelago is one of the jewels of Central Sulawesi. Stunning reefs, small isolated white sandy beaches, traditional fishermen village of a Bajau, verdant rainforest have left many a world weary travel searching for superlatives.

For those with more specialised adventurous tastes, the Togean Islands offer various for type of coral of the world can be found here (Fringing reef), barrier reef, Patch Reef and atoee. Admirable places for snorkeling and diving. Four types of coral of the world can be found here (Fringing reef). It can be reached from Palu for about 7 hours drive by car to Ampana via Poso (375 kilometres) by bus or chartered vehicle then by daily boat from Ampana to Wakai and Malenge for about 4 hours departs on 10 p.m.

Togean can be reached from Gorontalo city by public boat directly, twice a week. If you come from Rantepao (Tana Toraja) in South Sulawesi, Togean can be reached via Mangkutana, Pendolo, Tentena and Poso to Ampana for about 14 hours drive by car.


Donggala was once the most important harbour in Central Sulawesi 35 km away from Palu to the north–west. Donggala can be reached by car/taxi for 40 minutes from Palu. The visitors can proceed to Tanjung Karang with white sandy beaches along the coast and the water is clear with colourful coral reefs that invites the visitors to water sports.

Lake Poso.

Lake Poso. Poso has many specialities and uniquenesses which could not be discovered in other places. It is located in the heart of Sulawesi Island or even in Indonesia, about 657 m from the sea level. Lake Poso extends from north to south. It is about more than 32 km in lenght and 16 km in width. The deep of the Lake is 360 m in the south and 510 m in the north.
The water is clean most of the time and a wonderful place for relaxing after trekking hard in the jungle of LoreLindu National Park. In dry season (October-April) the lake consists of white sandy beaches. The visitor could enjoy giant eel and gold fish from the lake.

Lore Lindu National Park.

Lore Lindu National Park. The second biggest lake in Central Sulawesi is Lake Lindu covering the area of 3,150 ha. It is located on highland about 1,200 m from the sea level. The beautiful panoramic view and it has a cool climate. Lake Lindu can be reached by car from Palu to Rahmat village then trekking through the thick tropical rainforest for about 4 hours. The visitor can stay at cottages. Barkcloth which is made in Bada, Kulawi and Napu valleys. Some megalithic statues of thousands of years at Napu, Besoa and Bada Valleys are consider to have relation with their ancestor worship. The statues with 1,5 m to 4 m height and 3000 years B.C. to 1500 years A. D. (Visit Indonesia)
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